The five best museums in Zagreb

Hey there, if you're planning a trip to Zagreb, Croatia, make sure to check out some of the coolest museums the city has to offer! Here are our top five recommendations:

First up, we've got the Museum of Broken Relationships. It's not your typical museum, but it's definitely worth a visit. You'll get to see a collection of items that were donated by people as a way to commemorate their failed relationships. Each item is accompanied by a personal story that will tug at your heartstrings.

Next, head over to the Zagreb City Museum. This museum is perfect for history buffs who want to learn more about the city's past. They've got a huge collection of artifacts that date all the way back to prehistoric times. Plus, the building itself is stunning - it used to be the palace of the Croatian nobility!

If you're an art lover, you can't miss the Museum of Contemporary Art. They've got over 12,000 works of art by Croatian and international artists, so you'll definitely find something that catches your eye. They also host a bunch of events and exhibitions throughout the year, so check their schedule before you go.

The Croatian Natural History Museum is perfect for nature enthusiasts. They've got over 2 million specimens of plants, animals, and fossils from all over the country. Plus, they've got some cool interactive exhibits that will make learning about nature super fun.

Last but not least, we've got the Mimara Museum. It's one of the biggest museums in the country, and they've got a crazy amount of art and artifacts from all over the world. You'll see everything from paintings and sculptures to decorative arts.

In a nutshell, Zagreb's museums have something for everyone. Whether you're into history, art, or nature, you're bound to have a good time at these top five museums!