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Zagreb hasn’t really been on the tourist map for quite a long time. And that’s a shame, if you ask us, because this city deserves that its history be told. Zagreb Walking Tours are all about history. We tell stories of old and new, distant and recent history. Our guides are passionate about the tours and in love with Zagreb. The walking tours we offer have been thoroughly researched and focus on two main aspects of the history of the Croatian capital – the medieval times and the birth of a modern European city.

The multilayered history of Zagreb is not easy to tell. Our walking tours are not meant to be scholarly lectures. Rather, they tend to entertain you and tell you a story that will spark your imagination. Zagreb Walking Tours will educate you in a sense that you will walk away with a better understanding of the rich history of Zagreb and its people and we believe that this is important. It’s not about visiting the place – it’s about experiencing it.

The two walking tours we offer are designed as an introduction to Zagreb and to both its ancient and modern history. Discover Zagreb is an ideal walking tour for every traveler. The tour covers the foundations of Zagreb and takes you on a historical walk through the Upper town. You will hear stories about witches, great poets and revolutionaries, just to mention a few. You will see the main square with the horseman statue, the seat of Croatian government as well as the cathedral. This walking tour is the one you should take to get to know Zagreb.

Black and White Zagreb is a thematic tour, a time-travel through the late 19th and 20th centuries. This walking tour is for those who wish to understand the urban development of Zagreb and to unveil the history behind some of Zagreb’s most representative buildings. On this tour you will learn about the old hotel Esplanade, see the location of the demolished Jewish synagogue, hear about how it was during World War 2 and later, in socialist Yugoslavia… We walk along the most beautiful squares, show you the Central station and talk about the complex social and political history of Zagreb.

Traveling is all about emotions. When you join one of our walking tours we promise we’ll make you smile, wonder and, above all, pique your curiosity. You will be curious to find out what lies around the corner and what great stories await for you. Here at Zagreb Walking Tours we want to put Zagreb back on the map of places you shouldn’t miss on your travels. Well, it’s already there. It’s just the question of telling its story.

Zagreb Walking Tours are made for you. Our tours are designed with you in mind, dear traveler, and our guides will do their best to bring Zagreb close to your heart. A leisurely walk with a knowledgeable tour guide in a small-group setting – that’s the gist of it. Choosing either of our walking tours means that you want to know more about this city so let us be your guides and tell you about its rich history. You’re in good hands.